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Bring the light and the freshness of the sea into your glass. 

Limen, our first white wine, was born with the intent to catch the essence of this place and to recreate the light and the freshness of the sea. Stella di Lemmen’s vineyards are cultivated on terracing at almost 350m distance from the sea where the wind pushes salty air. 

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“Limen”, the white of the company, is a blend of the three most local and typical grape varieties of the Cinque Terre. Its goal is to catch the real essence of this place: the ocean always right in front of you, the wind which brings the ocean to you, the salty air and a full sun, high in the sky, which hits this poor and generous land. 

Limen was created to deliver the light and the freshness of the sea into your glass. This is what guided us from the beginning in the interpretation of the vine terroir of Stella di Lemmen. 

All vineyards rise in front of the sea at 250 meters distance from the sea, they grow on terracing recovered from abandonment using the method and the practices of biodynamic agriculture. 

The harvest of all the three varieties is manual and it happens all at the same time so as to intensify the aromatic and flavor complexity of the wine through a thorough co fermentation. 

The yeast and bacteria are autochthonous and they contribute to create a spontaneous fermentation which doesn’t use any kind of additive nor during vinification, nor during the aging process. There’s only a little drop of sulfurous before the bottling process to guarantee the preservability of the wine throughout travels and time. Limen’s flavors are typical Mediterranean: citrus, helichrysum flower, apricot pulp everything accompanied by a marine sapidity supported by an acidic final taste which gives the wine a good persistence and an exciting tasting experience. This wine lends itself to be drunk within the year but it can grow old with ease. 

Cinque Terre’s soils are the result of an ancient dialogue between soil, ocean and all the forces that live inside these elements. The vocation of this territory for grapevine farming is thousand-year old. For centuries ago men discovered the possibilities to find in these soils, rich in oligoelements, a unique terroir for fine wines. 

Terracing is the most relevant landscape element of this territory which fully overlooks the ocean. Soils are marked by very fragile calcareous shale marl which in turn create reddish clay. It’s geopedologic formations in which grapevine roots can go deep down in the soil, for meters even, finding a unique relationship with the elements of the earth. In the long dry summers roots find shelter in the humid depth of the soil, while during heavy rain, the soil guarantees a great draining capacity. The differences between the various types of terracing in terms of limestone, clay and the actual depth of the mother rock, build the variability of the terroir of which the vineyard becomes the greatest interpreter by producing vines which are expressly polychromatic in terms of taste and flavor.  

Category: Dry white wine

Country: Italy

Region: Liguria, Cinque Terre

Grape varieties: Bosco, Albarola, Vermentino

Alcohol content: 12%vol

Content: 750ml

Soil: Sub-acidic, rich in skeleton, sandy

Average altitude above sea level: 410 metres

Vineyard size: 2 ha

Type of planting: simple guyot and bilateral guyot

Density: 7000 vines/ha

Average age: 5 years

Vinification technique: manual harvesting in small crates; after destemming, soft pressing of the grapes. Spontaneous alcoholic fermentation, without the use of selected yeasts. Maturation on fine lees for approximately 8 months and bottled without filtration.
No use of oenological adjuvants.

Average production per ha: 50 quintals 

Total sulphur dioxide: 60 mg/l 

Bottles produced: 2700